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PD John: Life to me is God’s most precious gift. God gives life for a purpose. No one can live your life. You have to live, create the life, you want. Every day is a new day, new challenges, fresh opportunities and even problems. If life gives you one hundred reasons to cry, life gives at least a thousand reasons to smile. I believe when you walk up a mountain, your legs get stronger. You have one life to live, so much to give, so much to do, to accomplish… Life to me is an adventure, joy, creativity, trial and error. Whatever life you choose, live it out, make a mark.

PD John: Education is waking up, it is awakening, it is conscientizing, it is realizing your worth, your hidden talents, it is unlocking the door of opportunity, it is confidence building, it is lighting a fire, igniting a soul, a mind, it is giving wings to an individual to fly higher and higher, it is changing life, it is transformation, it is changing destiny.

PD John: I thought I was growing old, after so many accidents and medication, troubles and opposition, challenges and uphill tasks. Maybe I love the youth, the students, and I want to remain fit for their sake. I believe in myself; I am confident. I think happy thoughts, try not to feel jealous of anyone, I delight when others succeed or do well. My past pupils keep me growing, because many of them still depend on me for motivation, guidance and inspiration and if I have to motivate them, I have to remain motivated myself.

PD John: Love your students, care about their welfare… go beyond the classroom, update your knowledge, create an engaging classroom. build relationships, teaching is about building connections and relationships. Touch lives, hearts, souls, inspire children, encourage them, praise them, be proud of them, build their confidence… remember behind every exceptional student, there is an exceptional teacher!

PD John: I have experienced many happy moments: When I go home and see the face of my parents and when they embrace me and hug me it’s a special feeling. When my students secured all the ten ranks in the University in 2011, it was a happy moment. When people call me or write to me quoting my book to tell me how their life is changed or influenced reading my book fills me with happiness.

PD John: I don’t think about success, I just do what I believe will contribute to the welfare of students and the community. If you do your work sincerely, you are bound to succeed.  Wherever I am, I just want to do my best. I want to make a difference; I just want to convince others that we can change the world with positive thoughts and everything is possible in life no matter what our background or financial condition. I want to remain effective, and faithful to my life and to God!

(Jesti Penan was a student of Don Bosco College of Teacher Education Tura when Dr PD John was his Principal)

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