Educational Videos

Facing The Giants || Motivational Video || Story of a Football Coach Grant Taylor

This video is a story of a struggling football coach named Grant Taylor who’s facing giants in many forms. He hasn’t had a winning season for almost 7 years; he is unable to have children of his own; his home has a leaking roof, his appliances are breaking down, and his car is an unreliable embarrassment; and there is a group of parents along with his Junior coaches trying to get rid of him, calling him a loser and a dead weight. His faith is more than shaken — it’s crumbling. He gets to a point where fear paralyzes him. 

Coach Taylor laments to his wife Brooke, “I can’t provide you a decent home. I can’t provide you a decent car. I’m a failing coach with a losing record. And I can’t even give you the children you want. It’s me, like everything else is me. I’ve tried so hard. Why can’t I win? What’s God doing? Why is this so hard?” Coach Taylor is unable to sleep. In his desperation, he turns to God. He starts praying. His wife joins him in prayer. Soon miracles start to occur that will stir the hearts of everyone. Students who got failing grades start getting 100 percent on tests. A rebellious boy becomes obedient to his father. He begins to have a winning season. His team defeated the three-time defending champion Richland Giants. God blesses him with children. The movie is about overcoming fear with faith with the underlying theme. “There is nothing impossible for God.”

The Hidden Power of Kindness | Ripple Effect of Kindness |World Needs Kindness

Being kind not only has a direct effect on others, but it has a positive impact on yourself as well. Everybody can use a little bit of kindness in their life. These little acts of kindness include – a smile, opening a door for someone, delivering a bouquet of flowers, giving a compliment, being a good listener, helping someone in need, saying ‘thank you’, treating someone with a coffee or tea, wishing someone on their birthday, allowing someone to get ahead of you in the queue, taking a minute to direct someone who’s lost – are all little acts of kindness.

Courageous Living || Being Fearless || Courage is an Attitude || Motivational Video

Courage is speaking our mind even though others don’t agree. taking complete responsibility for our actions…and our mistakes. following the rules and breaking rules whenever necessary. challenging the status quo and opting for better ways. doing what we know is right- regardless of the risks and potential consequences. the mastery over fear. It’s being fearless! bravery and standing up for people and for a cause. saving the lives of people in danger turning our crisis into an opportunity. taking the road least travelled.

Character Counts || Motivational Video || Each gives what he has || Character Formation

It takes a life time to build up a good character, but it takes but a moment’s carelessness to lose its integrity and thereby lose our honour and self-respect. “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is lost; if character is lost, all is lost.” People like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi. Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi are respected and honoured for their strong character which enabled them to fight all odds, make many sacrifices and devote their lives for the good of humanity. Says Henry Clay: “Of all the properties which belong to honourable men, not one is as highly prized as that of character.”

THE POWER OF A TEACHER || Happy Teacher's Day || Thank You Teachers || Who is a Teacher?

An artist, or a sculptor, or a potter, handles and works on an inanimate lifeless block of stone, marble, wood or clay, and imparts life to it, through his imagination, ideas, and skills. He can impart, any desired shape, and put an indelible stamp, of creativity on it. If something goes wrong, he will have the chance to redo it, or otherwise it results, in a waste of an inanimate material. A teacher, unlike an artist, or a sculptor, has to handle growing, developing, human beings with a heart, and a mind.


To be present with someone is to be with that person, is to pervade his/her personality. To be present is to be part and parcel of someone else’s life. It isn’t just a physical reality. When I am present in the life of someone I have occupied more than just a corner in the mind and heart of that person. I make him or her real to me. My presence is accompanied by feelings, all kinds of feelings, and sentiments. A mere recalling of my presence evokes the particular feelings that I have created in him/her.

Accompanying is a process. It amounts to ‘being with’ the children through the thick and thin of their life. It requires of the teacher to stand by/with the children even when things go wrong and when seemingly insurmountable problems arise. It means to traverse the territory of the students and walk the way along with them to the place they are headed to. It is a journey together. Accompanying becomes very demanding as far as the time to be spent with the children are concerned. The foundation of Presence and Accompanying is Love. To be a teacher is to love. We learn faster from people we love. We learn faster because we are loved. An atmosphere of trust and acceptance is the key to healthy growth.

Emerging Trends in Education || Understanding Education Today || New Education Policy

Teaching happens only when learning takes place. We can judge our own effectiveness or teaching ability from the ability of the students to grasp and learn. Present-day education aims at memory training and by-hearting. Children are just told to memorize without understanding the meaning or the concepts. Present-day education bypasses reflection. Reflection is required to see the

usefulness and practical utility of the matter that you just heard or learned. It helps you to pause for a while to think about the matter and to introspect to see how it affects your life.

Education is a process of Waking Up || 4 components of Education || Education is impacting society

Education as a process of waking up to life – waking up to its solvable problems and the ways to solve the problems, and to celebrate the mysteries of life, waking up to the inter-dependencies of all things, to the threat to our global village, waking up to the power within the human race to create alternatives, and waking up to the obstacles entrenched in economic, social and political structures that prevent our waking up. By Dr John Parankimalil

Is our Education System Bridges to Nowhere || The Choluteca Bridge || Understanding our Education

Motivational Talk by Dr. John Parankimalil. The Choluteca Bridge can teach us an important lesson. A lesson in what happens when we cannot adapt. It is also an excellent metaphor for our education system and a sign of what lies ahead if we stay stuck in current modes of education that serve antiquated purposes. Today, the world has changed its course. The education systems around the world have become ‘Bridges to Nowhere.

We need students who can think creatively, critically, innovatively, independently with the ability to connect, who can communicate their ideas and who can collaborate with others. The need of the hour is an education system which is new and resilient that prepares students for a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)world.