Souparnika Nair – The 10-Year-Old Singing Sensation

Have you heard of Souparnika Nair? The 10-year-old Souparnika Nair got onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and she soon became a global sensation. How did that happen? She picked up the mic, introduced herself and started singing Judy Garland’s ‘The Trolley Song’. As her singing picked up pace, the main judge – Simon Cowell – asked her to stop. She was asked to switch songs and sing from The Greatest Showman and she mesmerised the judges and the audience with her rendition of Never Enough. She was greeted with a standing ovation from the judges and the entire audience.

Her performance at the semi-final was aired on September 12 and the judges gave her a standing ovation after she finished singing ‘Neverland’, sung by Zendaya in the musical Finding Neverland. Coronavirus pandemic meant the studio had no audience. With hundreds of people behind the screen, she sung her song and was appreciated worldwide for her breath-taking performance. The final of the event will be aired on 10th October 2020. Her participation in the final will depend on public vote result. 

Whether she gets into the final or not, she is being called a music sensation, a prodigy, a global phenomenon, a superstar… 

Her parents – Binu Nair and Renjitha – had migrated to the UK from Kerala in 2014, when she was hardly five years old. But Souparnika’s musical journey started way before that. Souparnika was just two when she started humming tunes and her parents were quick to identify her interest. Dr. Binu Nair, her father, who is a doctor working in the oncology department at the Cambridge University Hospital says, “To help her hone the talent needed a lot of attention and time. Now we’re being rewarded and we feel immensely proud and grateful.”

Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor was among the early celebrities to take note. He tweeted about her performance and asked people to vote for her. Music maestro AR Rahman too took to social media and shared a clip of her singing with the caption, “Nice to wake up to this.” Malayalam superstar Mohanlal sent her a voice message telling her how she made India and especially Kerala proud. Singer KS Chitra had also called her on zoom some time before the semi-finals and wished her all the best and gave her blessings. 

Ask her about her dream and she immediately say that she wants to become a professional singer and travel around the world and display her talent. She says that t every stage of her life, her dream is being fulfilled.

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