The Label

One day, a student stuck a paper on his classmate’s back that read, “I’m stupid” and he told his companions not to tell the boy. Noticing the label, all the other students began laughing throughout the day. 

When the Maths teacher came in for his class, he was surprised to see some sort of mischievous laughter inside the classroom. Without knowing the reason, he began his class and wrote a difficult question on the board.

No one was able to answer it except the boy with the label. The teacher called him out to write the answer on the board. Amid the slight laughs, for he didn’t know why, the boy, walked towards the board and he solved it, the teacher asked the class to clap for him, while he removed the label from his back. 

The teacher told him “It seems you didn’t know about the paper on your back which one of your classmates had put and the rest of them kept it a secret.”

Then the teacher turned towards the rest of the class and said, “Class, I want you to realize two things as you move along in your life: First, throughout your life, people will put labels on your back with many bad things written on it to stop your progress. If your companion had known about the label, he would not have come forward to answer my question. All you have to do in life is ignore the labels people give you and use every chance you have to progress, learn and improve yourself.”

“The second is that, it is very evident that he does not have any loyal friends among you all to stand by him and there is no one among you with courage to remove the label from his back. If you don’t have friends who can defend you behind your back, who can watch over you, protect you and who genuinely care about you, you are better off alone.”

“I want to remind the person who has placed the label that you’re causing a lifetime damage to the other person. It has also proved beyond doubt, who’s really stupid among you all. Don’t ever place tags on people that will destroy someone, it will only boomerang on you.” 

Think about it!

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  1. Congratulations? dear Fr. Johny for the story written so beautifully.You are a stoy teller and you always convey messages through stories. Wonderful gift of God indeed.
    The above story is very good and effective. It has a lot to learn for us educators. A teacher’s attitude and intelligent way of preforming can make a tremendous impact on the students.. ? looking forward for more stories..

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