The Little Sparrow Story

There was once a fire in the jungle and animals started running away. However, the elephants decided to bring water from the pond and douse the fire. While the Elephants were at it, a small Sparrow was also using her small beak to bring water to douse the fire. Other animals were shocked to see this and started laughing at the Sparrow and asked, “What are you achieving by your tiny effort”?

The Sparrow said, “I also wanted to be remembered as someone who put effort to douse the fire.”

God saw this from above and wanted to gift the animals so he asked the Elephants and the Sparrow what they wanted? The elephants asked for unlimited banana’s so they could always be strong while sparrow asked for a nest near God. Their wishes were granted and time went by. The elephants became physically stronger and Sparrow became mentally stronger as she was near to God.

Suddenly there was a heavy storm in the jungle. The elephants were struggling this time because their physical power was not helping them but Sparrow flew through the storm and started showing elephants a way out of the storm.

Many animals perished in the storm and questioned God and that’s when God clarified, “While physical strength can help sometimes, it is the mental strength that matters in a storm.”

Prayer keeps you close to God and makes you mentally stronger for the storms of life and also enables you to help others through the storm.

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